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About CBW-LA

Non-profit 501(c)3 Organization

Located in: Torrance, California

Founded: June 2010

Founder: Nutschell Anne Windsor

Members: 70+ dues-paying members, 300+ on

Membership Levels:

  • $45 – one-year membership
  • $80 – two-year membership


Purpose: To educate, inspire and empower published writers and writers on the road to publication. To share resources about the publishing industry.  To promote children’s literature and children’s literacy in the Los Angeles area. To encourage new writers.


Story Sprouts Writing Day Workshop and Anthology

Story Sprouts: Voice How to Put Personality on the Page

Kayla Wayman, Teen Time Traveler: Lost in the Stream

What We Offer:

  • ·      Monthly critique sessions
  • ·      Monthly writing workshops and seminars, often featuring guest speakers who are published in the kid lit industry
  • ·      Quarterly newsletter, entitled Scribblers’ Scoop
  • ·      Online members’ forum
  • ·      Affordable writing education

Current Board Members:

  • Nutschell Anne Windsor – President
  • Tiffani Barth – Treasurer
  • Alana Garrigues – Publications Director
  • Angie Flores – Marketing Manager
  • Peleise Smith – Publicity and Social Media

Board Biographies available at:

Media inquiries, please contact: Nutschell (pronounced new-shell) Windsor at or 424-261-2295.

About Story Sprouts Anthology

Published by: CBW-LA Publications

ISBN-13: 978-0989878791

First Volume, First Edition Published: October 2013

Edited by: Alana Garrigues, Nutschell Anne Windsor

Cover Art by: Keela Jacks – Garrigues Graphics

Book Formatting by: Rachel Morgan – Morgan Media

Copy Editing by: Erin Elizabeth Long – Biblio/Tech

Writing Day Anthology Workshop Anticipated Frequency: Annual

2013 Anthology Statistics:

  • ·      19 Authors
  • ·      38 Combined Anthology Entries – 2 per Contributing Author
  • ·      6-hour Workshop
  • ·      10 Writing Exercises (included in Story Sprouts)
  • ·      Dozens of Photo, Character and Conflict Prompts (included in Story Sprouts)
  • ·      240 pages

Writing Day Anthology Purpose: To expose new talent by publishing emerging children’s book authors. To educate and inspire writers through an intensive writing workshop. To give new writers a taste of publishing success.

Why Story Sprouts?

Since authors created their anthology pieces in the moment, inspired by the seeds sown during the writing day workshop, it seemed fitting to call these entries “Story Sprouts.” They are not polished pieces that took the authors months or years to perfect. They are the early saplings of writing, the ideas that will take root in the minds of our writers and take shape over time. The stories are shared with the reader in their early form, in an effort to be transparent in the process of writing and to engage the reader in the process and craft of verbal creation, from seed to solid oak.

Available through: Amazon, Kindle,

Media inquiries, please contact: Nutschell (pronounced new-shell) Windsor at or 424-261-2295 or Alana Garrigues at

To request consideration for a complimentary review copy, please contact Nutschell Windsor at and include the name of the blog or news outlet that you write for. Please also specify if you prefer .pdf, .mobi or a print copy.


Media Contacts: 
Nutschell (pronounced new-shell) Windsor, President:, 424-261-2295 
Alana Garrigues, Publications Editor:
Angie Flores, Marketing Manager:


Contributing Authors Create Submissions During One-Day Writing Workshop, Included in Book

Torrance, CA – This summer, 19 talented children’s book authors accepted a challenge to workshop, write, revise, polish, and submit two stories - in public, under the pressure of a six-hour deadline, with the promise of publication. On October 29, 2013, their work was revealed with the global release of Story Sprouts Anthology 2013.

In a revolutionary new approach to writing and publishing, the Children’s Book Writers of Los Angeles turned convention upside down with Story Sprouts: CBW-LA Writing Day Exercises and Anthology 2013.

A fresh take on an old classic, the Anthology uncovers the creative process in its raw form, celebrating the seeds of story generation. Framing the authors’ contributions are the 10 writing exercises that guided them along their journey, as well as tips and techniques shared at the workshop.

“First time writers often dread writing query letters because they fear that they lack the credentials to make their author bios stand out,” said CBW-LA President and Founder Nutschell Anne Windsor. “Our goal for the Workshop and Anthology was to give our members their first taste of publication, giving them the confidence to pursue their writing careers. For workshop participants who have yet to achieve their dreams of becoming a published author, Story Sprouts will be the first of their many achievements, and something that will inspire them to keep on reaching for their writing dreams.”

Guided by the writing exercises and handouts, anthology authors produced two pieces. One revealed insights “On Writing” and the other was a fictional piece based on a photo prompts. Submissions range from poetry and narrative essay to flash fiction and picture book manuscripts.

The innovative publication is in line with the non-profit organization’s values – support and education for writers, amateur and experienced alike. By including the workshop prompts and advice, writers of all ages, levels and ability may follow along from home and enjoy an experience similar to workshop attendees. At the same time, the Anthology serves as a launching pad for new faces in the kid lit industry.

Some of the author names will be familiar to Hollywood and literary insiders. Contributor Abi Estrin wrote the animated adaptation of Ben Hur and produced several episodes of On the Road in America. Contributor Lynne Southerland has 20 years experience in Hollywood; her credits include co-directing Mulan 2 and co-producing Disney’s An Extremely Goofy Movie and HBO’s Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child. Contributor Donna Marie Robb’s stories have been published in several literary magazines and she her children’s book reviews have been published in the School Library Journal.

The mix of familiar faces and relative unknowns is an encouraging sign for the Anthology’s producers, who sought an experience that would transcend expertise and touch upon the passion that creative spirits share.

Windsor and CBW-LA Publications Editor Alana Garrigues produced the Writing Day Workshop and Anthology with the assistance and support of the board of directors.

Windsor drew on her experience as an English teacher and her passion for the world of children’s literature to determine the format of the workshop and lead the participants through their exercises. Garrigues, a freelance journalist and creative non-fiction author, translated the workshop into a narrative form and edited the 38 manuscripts included in the book.

The two are already planning the group’s next Writing Day Anthology workshop, tentatively slated for May 2014.

Book reviewers may request a complimentary review copy by contacting Windsor at Story Sprouts will be available through Amazon, Kindle and iBooks or at Booksellers may contact Windsor to inquire about carrying the book.

About CBW-LA

The non-profit 501(c)3 CBW-LA was founded in 2010 in Torrance, California. CBW-LA provides education and inspiration for published writers and writers on the road to publication. We offer a venue to share knowledge and information between writers, members of the publishing industry, educators, libraries, and other members of the Los Angeles community involved in promoting children’s literature and literacy for children.

CBW-LA members and guests enjoy affordable monthly writing workshops and seminars, monthly critique sessions, industry tips, a quarterly newsletter, online forums and a supportive, nurturing environment to improve their writing skills.

For additional information, visit or


Please note: Book cover image, workshop photos and editor photos available upon request by email or phone call to Ms. Windsor. Review samples available in .mobi and .pdf digital format. Print also available. To schedule a media interview, contact either Ms. Windsor or Ms. Garrigues at the contact information provided.

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